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Deploy at scale on any Infrastructure

Integrated Platform built on Kubernetes to manage your applications, clusters and more

So what does that mean exactly?

Cloud buzzwords, right? In short, OKD is a very opinionated deployment of Kubernetes. Kubernetes is a collection of software and design patterns to operate applications at scale.

We add some features directly as modifications into Kubernetes, but mostly we augment the platform by "preinstalling" a large amount of pieces of software called "Operators" into the deployed cluster.

These operators then provide all of our cluster components (over 100 of them!) which make up the platform, such as OS upgrades, web consoles, monitoring and image building

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In-cloud or on-prem

OKD is intended to be run at all scales from cloud to metal to edge. The installer is fully automated on some platforms (such as AWS), or supports configuration into custom environments (such as metal or labs).


The cloud landscape is vast. From GitOps to Service Meshes, Virtualisation to Storage, OKD integrated deployments of leading projects. Recommended Design Patterns enchance security posture and defaults include hardended configuration

Emerging Technologies

OKD adopts developing best practise and technology. A great platform for technologists and students to learn, experiment and contribute across the cloud ecosystem. For OpenShift contributors and partners our technical similarity makes us an ideal lab and development environemnt.

What's in the box?

Operating System

Nodes run an immutable operating system that is updated and managed through cluster APIs.


The industry leading way to orchestrate. OKD is 100% compliant, with additional patches on some Kubernetes components to support some advanced featuresets.

Cluster Components

Full featured web console, authentication, image registry/tooling, monitoring, node config/upgrades, networking and operator management out of the box.


Installable catalog of GitOps, Storage, Mesh and Storage (+ more!) operators using leading OSS projects. Designed to work easily with you and each other.